Our cheeses are ripening until they achieve the right taste and age in our own ripening locations.
The best cheeses are ripened with the exact humidity and temperature and our ripening locations meet the best conditions for the development of the taste. In this locations the maintenance and turning of the cheeses is done by robots. As soon as the cheeses are controlled by the quality inspector they will get their quality label, only then the cheeses are ready to be supplies to you as a customer.

Beside the cheeses we have ripened ourselves we also supply the other mark cheeses. We deliver them in different packing forms. We receive these cheeses daily and we only have small stocks to guarantee that it is fresh. These cheese too have to pass by the quality inspector before they are supplied so we can offer you the highest quality cheeses.

Beside a range of well known mark cheeses, Holland Cheese box provides its own mark cheese: Roemer.
Roemer is made in the traditional way in the “West Beemster polder” in North Holland.
The combination of the traditional way of its preparation and milk that has an entirely own aroma gives the cheese a unique personal character. These cheese are, of course matured in our own ripening locations.

    Roemer is available in four different ages:
  • Roemer young
  • Roemer matured
  • Roemer Old
  • Golden Roemer (over one year old)

  • Farmer Cheese
    The secret of the specific taste of our farmer cheese is found on the farm. The “Stolkse Boerenkaas” of Holland Cheese Box is made in a farm in the “green heart” of Holland.
    The most important ingredient of farmer cheese is fresh milk. This milk comes directly from the cow without any further operations and therefore, preserves its own specific taste. This characteristic taste is also due to the age old production process. The temperature and humidity are continuously checked to guarantee the quality of our farmer cheese.
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Tuesday, September 22

Old Amsterdam 48+ half 6kg
€ 13.35
€ 12.35
Edam Noord Wester 40+ old 1.7kg
€ 17.50
€ 15.75
Roemer Light 35+ Extra matured
€ 9.45
€ 8.50
Dilano 48+ Pesto 5kg
€ 8.95
€ 7.95
Baby Edam 800 gram
€ 7.65
€ 6.80