General Conditions

Article 1. Definitions
1.1. In these general sale conditions for “supplier” is understood: Kaashandel G. van der Heiden v.o.f., established at Beneluxweg 10, 2411NG at Bodegraven, The Netherlands.
1.2. In these general sale conditions for “consumer” is understood: the natural person, (private law) legal persons as well as cooperation bonds without any legal personality for which, on the basis of the general sale conditions mentioned below, an order is placed at supplier.
Article 2. Relevance
2.1. These general sale conditions are applied to all offers, orders and agreements of supplier.
2.2. From these general sale conditions can be deviated only in writing. The remaining conditions remain however undiminished effective.
2.3. By placing an order at the consumer agrees with these general sale conditions.
Article 3. Confidential information
3.1. Parties are, except for legal obligations to publish certain data, obliged to tread the information received from the other party with confidence. Both parties will take all reasonable precaution measures for this purpose.
Article 4. Prices and payments
4.1. The prices of supplier are inclusive of the chargeable 6% or 19% V.A.T. and without any discount unless agreed on in writing. Shipment is not included unless mentioned otherwise.
4.2. If the consumer chooses to make a payment by means of a transfer, the chargeable amount should be paid within 10 days by means of a transfer on a by supplier designate bank account. If this term is exceeded, the order of consumer will be removed.
4.3. Supplier offers different payment possibilities which have their own payment conditions. For Dutch consumers it is possible to pay by means of iDEAL, Pay Pal, Credit Card and transfer. The costs are not charged to the consumer. All Credit Card and iDEAL payments are free of charge.
4.4. Regarding the natural structure of several products it is not always possible to determine exactly the final weight. For our foods an average weight has been determined. Weight deviations are not supposed to be larger than 10% of the declared average weight. If the deviation is bigger, it can be settled as from a deviation of 5%.
Article 5. Offers
5.1. All offers of supplier are without engagement. The supplier has the right to change all prices.
Article 7. Supply
7.1. Delivery periods are indicative and are shown on the site . Generally the order is delivered 24 up to 48 hours after the placing of the order. Exceeding of the delivery period, which has not been caused by intent or major negligence by the supplier, will never be any cause for compensation on damages.
7.2. As time of supply is considered the moment on which the products are delivered at the address stated by the consumer. At the moment of delivery the risk of the products is handed over to the consumer.
7.3. Consumer is obliged to check the goods and/or the packing at the instant of delivery on possible shortcomings or visible damages in concern with the liability of the delivery services. The consumer has to contact the supplier within two days if the goods or the packing is damaged...
7.4. Dit artikel zal worden gewijzigd, dus gewijzigde vorm wel vertalen.
Article 8. Retention
8.1. All products ordered by consumer remain property of supplier, as long as the consumer has not paid the chargeable amount.
Article 9. Intellectual property rights
9.1. Kaashandel G. van der Heiden v.o.f. Applies copyrights on all images shown at illegal copying of these images will be criminally prosecuted.
Article 10. Communication
Supplier is not responsible for misunderstandings or mistaken orders due to disturbed communication, such as a disturbed internet connection.
Article 11. Liability
11.1. Except for legal provisions concerning (product) liability, as well as the legal rules of public order, safety and dealing in good faith, supplier is not liable to any compensation of damage, of any kind, direct or indirect, to private as well as company damage, to goods, property or to persons towards the consumer.
11.2. The liability of supplier is in any case restricted to the direct damage at the amount of the sum invoiced by supplier. This restriction is not applied on direct damage that has been caused by intent or gross negligence of supplier.
11.3. Supplier is under no circumstance responsible for any indirect damage such as loss of profit or any kind of other consequential loss.
11.4. Supplier has at any moment the right, if and for as far as possible, to undo the damage of consumer.
Article 12. Supremacy (not accountable default)
12.1. Supplier is not responsible for not, not correct or non timely implementation of the order if that is the consequence of supremacy in the broadest sense. Under supremacy it is understood: serious jamming, epidemics, natural disasters, fire and other calamities, transport difficulties, strikes, exclusion, government acts, as far as these circumstances have direct effects on a correct execution of the order.
12.2. Supplier will inform the consumer as soon as a circumstance mentioned under paragraph 1 occurs.
12.3. Supplier is entitled to postpone the implementation of the order if it is temporarily not possible until the circumstances that provoke the supremacy no longer occur.
Article 13. Reclamations and complaints
13.1. If the consumer can show that the ordered product does not satisfy to the order, consumer has the right to send back the product. Supplier will compensate for the transport charges and send a new product that satisfies to the order of consumer.
13.2. Foods cannot be returned by the consumer. All non-food products can be returned within 7 working days with preceding authorisation of supplier provided that the packing is undamaged. In this case the transport charges are at the expense of the consumer.
13.3. Supplier aims to handle complaints of consumer as fast as possible. Complaints are generally settled fastest by e-mail.
Article 14. Applicable law
The Dutch law is applied on all agreements of which these conditions are entirely or at partly applied. The provisions of the CISG are not applied.
Article 15 final provisions
15.1 When, in these conditions, working days are mentioned, the Saturday and Sunday and the public holidays as stated in the “Algemene termijnenwet” are not included.
15.2 In case any clause of these general conditions or any component of an agreement made under these conditions is null and void or declared null and void, the remaining components of the agreement remain entirely intact. In that case the parties will make a settlement for the null and void clause or the declared null and void clause or component of the agreement that will approach the intent that the parties had with the agreement and the related general conditions.

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