Cheese Box

Holland Cheese Box delivers Dutch cheese all over the world. We are able to do that in small quantities. We deliver orders as from 30 kilos. The advantage for you is that you can always maintain a fresh stock of Dutch Cheeses.

Every kind of cheese is available with Holland Cheese Box. So you have only one supplier for all your Dutch cheese specialities

For example:

  • Round Gouda
  • Maasdammer
  • Cheese with Herbs
  • Farm Cheese

The people behind Holland Cheese Box have more than 35 years of experience as wholesalers of Dutch cheese. In our company we manage the ripening, labelling, para-fining and packaging of cheeses. Thanks to Holland Cheese Box, the complete world can enjoy Dutch cheese.

The delivery from your cheese by Holland Cheese Box has many advantages, like:

  • A complete assortment of Dutch Cheeses
  • Quick delivery
  • Always fresh
  • Orders in small quantities
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Small prices

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Sunday, May 16

Roemer Light 35+ Extra matured
€ 9.45
€ 8.50
Baby Edam 800 gram
€ 7.65
€ 6.80
Dilano 48+ Pesto 5kg
€ 8.95
€ 7.95
Old Amsterdam 48+ half 6kg
€ 13.35
€ 12.35
Edam Noord Wester 40+ old 1.7kg
€ 17.50
€ 15.75